CTL Summer Interns

conference business.

James Beeghly

Graduating this May from Westmont in Kinesiology. He is serving/working at The Lab, an athletic training facility located here in Santa Barbara. He will also be active in the Westside Initiative, a Free Methodist missional outreach to the Latino community on Santa Barbara’s Westside.

Erin LeVoir

Graduated last May from Westmont as pre-Med. She will be serving/working at the Westside Neighborhood Clinic, conducting a diabetes risk assessment study for the Latino community, and also assisting in general health care. She will also be active in the Westside Initiative.

Kennedy Mahdavi

Psychology major at Westmont. She will be serving/working in the Campus Pastors’ office at APU with Coba Canales, the Associate Campus Pastor for Discipleship Ministries. She will be participating in a few of our churches, but especially Living Spring Christian Fellowship in Garden Grove.

Sophia Nalty

Global Studies major at APU, currently off-campus and attending the LA Term program. She will be serving/working at Light & Life Christian Fellowship in Long Beach.

Bree Schricker

Global Studies major at APU. She will be serving/working at the Immigration Resource Center of the San Gabriel Valley in Monrovia, and worshiping/participating in our Hermon Community Church, a Spanish/English congregation.